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At Felt, our mission remains as it’s been since the beginning: to design, develop and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period.

The roots of this mission trace back more than two decades. It all started in the late 1980s when motocross star Johnny O’Mara asked his ace motorcycle mechanic Jim Felt to build him a time trial bike. Johnny was competing in triathlons as training for motocross.

A competitive age-group triathlete himself, Jim had a distinct vision of how he could improve on the designs of the time. He focused on optimizing rider position to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. It worked. Johnny immediately started winning races, and before long Jim was building bikes for many of the world’s top triathletes. When Paula Newby-Fraser won the 1991 Kona Ironman on a Felt, Jim found himself officially in the bicycle business. More


Whether you‘re looking to optimize your commute, cruise to the coffee shop or enhance your workout, Felt Bicycles has you covered. With frames designed for the smoothest of rides and upright body positioning, Felt’s electric pedal-assist bikes are the most comfortable on the road. And with each one built around the industry-leading Shimano STePS or Bosch eDrive System, they’re also the most efficient and reliable, too.

An ideal commuting partner or workout buddy, the Felt Electric city bikes feature lightweight, durable frames that are designed for high-performance riding, but its upright handlebar position ensures maximum comfort and steering control. Whether your goal is getting to work swiftly and efficiently, enhancing your workout or enjoying a casual ride through town, the city bikes are versatile ebikes that can do it all. With a timeless design inspired by classic European city bikes, Felt Electric bicycles are perfect bike for getting around town quickly and in style.


Technology and innovation define every model produced by Felt Bicycles, but perhaps none more so than Felt Electric mountain bikes. Whether you’re hitting your local trail for a leisurely spin or heading deep into the backcountry, Felt’s full line of pedal-assist electric mountain bikes offer all of the performance for which Felt mountain bikes are renowned with the added benefit of an electric motor to help you conquer any terrain.

From the impeccable handling and low weight of the cross-country racing-inspired NINEe to the incredible versatility of the LEBOWSKe, Felt Electric mountain bikes are built to perform. Crafted from high-strength materials for long-term durability and finished with premium components, each bike in Felt Electric’s line is designed to offer first-class handling, comfort and performance.


Felt‘s electric pedal-assist cargo bikes give you the freedom to explore your environment and carry out your daily activities in a more eco-friendly alternative to the automobile. For quick trips to the grocery store, dropping the kids off at school or hauling party supplies to the beach, there’s nothing quite like utilizing a Felt cargo electric pedal-assist bike. Those activities demand a sturdy frame, plenty of storage space and a powerful electric pedal-assist motor, all of which are exactly what Felt Electric delivers.

Felt Electric’s cargo ebikes are built around a sturdy frame and long wheelbase to provide a stable ride with confident steering. Whether its bringing home the groceries, taking the kids to soccer practice or transporting a cooler filled with cold brews, these cargo bike are up to the task, all without having you break a sweat.

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Felt Verza-e30 S Electric Bike

Felt Verza e30 S Electric Bike

Change the way you get through your...


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 Felt Sport-e95 S Electric Bike

Felt Sport e95 S Electric Bike

Your commute just got easier. With an...


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Felt Nine e20 Electric bike

Felt NINE e20 Electric Bike

Venture beyond your limits. Looking to...


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Felt Sport e85 HP Electric Bike

Felt Sport e85 HP Electric Bike

The Felt SPORT-E85 HP is a part...


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Felt Tote'm Electric Cargo Bike

Felt Tote'm Electric Cargo Bike

Carry Out Your Day Effortlessly. With...


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Felt Verza-e10 Electric Bike

Felt VERZA e10 Electric Bike

The VERZAe 10 step-thru city e-bike...


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Felt Brühaul Electric Cargo Bike

Felt Brühaul Electric Cargo Bike

Featuring more rear storage space than...


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Felt Lebowske e20 Electric Bike

Felt LEBOWSKe e20 Electric Bike

Fat bikes enhance the versatility of...


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Felt Outfitter Electric bike

Felt Outfitter Electric Bike

Adventure knows no bounds! Whether it’s...


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