eZee Electric Bikes

We brought the eZee brand of electric bikes to the U.S. in 2006. Since then we can report abundant and effusive customer praise, high reliability, and reassuring durability.

eZee bikes offer exhilarating, comfortable and reassuring rides with exhilarating acceleration and strong hill climbing ability.

More than perhaps any other brand Zee has decisively proven itself in races, rallies and on ultra long treks. Read here about its latest challenge superbly overcome: a 3,500 mile trek from Perth to Sydney, Australia.

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eZee Sprint ebike

eZee Sprint Electric Bike

Proprietary drive system with a high...


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We sell and service Human Power Augmented a.k.a. Electric bikes and ride them enthusiastically ourselves.

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5th Annual Electric and Folding Bike Rally

Northwest Electric and Folding Bike Rally
Saturday August 12th, 12pm-5pm. LIVE MUSIC!… Test ride electric bikes! More info.

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eZee  Ebikes
eZee  Ebikes
eZee  Ebikes

Photos by Boon Goh.

eZee Ebikes

The 2013 Sprint, Torq, and Expedir incorporate a highly evolved 500 Watt drive system, including dual mode power control. The quick release (seat flips forward), lockable state of the art Li-Ion battery is placed in the ideal position just behind the seat post. Its 15 Ah capacity provides about 50% farther range then the competition.

The bikes incorporate higher level bicycle components (gears, rims, spokes, tires etc) than customary for ebikes, and come 'fully loaded' with serious rear rack & fenders, integrated front & rear lights, chain guard, and center stand.

Colors: green, yellow, black, and silver.

At $2,400 nothing short of mind boggling value.

Want Your eZee Bike Shipped?

Each bike ships, fully prepped and well packed, in a 11 x 73 x 46″ H carton. If the carton or bike appears damaged (it is rare but…) in shipping make sure you properly clause the shipping document before signing anything, in case a claim needs to be made against the trucking company.

The customer needs only to roll the bike out of the carton, install the pedals and turn and tighten the handle bar. It is of course most prudent to check the over all condition. Having a bike gone over after shipping by a trained technician assures rider safety. Tuning and adjusting your bike maximizes durability and rider enjoyment. If you are not skilled yourself (or can’t find the time) we recommend bringing your bike to a local bike shop. Or arrange with us to ship the bike c/o your local bike shop.

The eZee Dashboard

eZee  Ebikes

For some of us the complicated control modules of some brands have become rather awkward to operate and read. Pushing the 'wrong' button while riding may create a power supply surprise.

The eZee module differs. It is quite intuitive and easy to read: The 'up' and 'down' buttons on the right allows you to set the power level, which will be indicated in the bottom row of lights.

And by the way, if you are rider who relishes power, press 5 power lights, hold on and enjoy a 'pavement wrinkling' performance.

The top row of lights lets you know the state of charge of your battery.

Overview 'at a glance' and Selection Guide

Check our Overview and Selection Guide for most of our bikes and kits.