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But simply starting an engineering revolution wasn’t enough. We wanted our collection to have its own, distinct identity, and not simply look like bicycles with batteries added. So our German design team created an entire range of ebikes that ride as beautifully as they look. More...

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

They say you can't re-invent the wheel or improve the design of the bicycle. Gocycle did both.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

Gocycle is an automotive joy to live with. Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and fun. A talking point wherever it goes.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

So passionate was Richard Thorpe about creating the perfect e-bike that he left a dream design job at McLaren Cars to dedicate all of his time to that purpose.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

With his experience in designing lightweight racing car components and enthusiasm for innovative engineering excellence, Richard believed that an e-bike should be elegant.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

A bespoke front-hub motor separates the power drive from the pedal drive.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

Lighter and providing better front/rear weight distribution, this system also provides powerful advantages when the lights go green. Conventional bike use dérailleur gears which can leave even experienced cyclists in the wrong gear at the lights.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

Not only does Gocycle's predictive electronic gear shift ensure that you are never in the wrong gear, the front hub drive can never be. Only Gocycle makes sure you always make a clean getaway.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

Powerful micro motor with more than 2X the power-weight ratio of conventional e-bike motor drives.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

No cables, no chains, no gears, sprockets, or oil—no mess. Gocycle can be taken anywhere.

A2B Kuo+ Electric Folding Bike

A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
A2B Kuo+ Electric Bike
Designed to be highly portable, the Kuo+ conveniently folds down and and has the option of a bag for easy carrying or storage.
Manufacturer: A2B

Designed to be highly portable, the Kuo+ conveniently folds down and and has the option of a bag for easy carrying or storage. Offering throttle and pedal assistance, this stylish, lightweight model increases both your journey options and enjoyment.


The lightest model in the A2B range, the Kuo+ is designed for a cleaner, more streamlined look, with bound and carefully camouflaged cables, and attractive brakes and seat. Perfectly portable, the Kuo is lightweight, small and stylish enough to accompany you anywhere.


The cleverly portable Kuo+ boasts throttle on demand and improved brakes. This clean, stylish model increases both your journey options and enjoyment with a maximum speed of 18.7mph and a range of up to 37mi (60km)*.

*Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.







Kuo+ Technical Specifications

Maximum power assistance speed 18.7mph
Range up to 37mi (60km)*
Display LCD display, speed, distance, and battery charge
Battery Lithium-Ion, 36v 9Ah
Recharging 4-6 Hours
A2B Motor/Power 250w geared brushless DC hub motor
Gearing/Derailleur Shimano Alivio 7-speed
Brakes Tektro V brakes
Suspension None
Frame 6061 aluminium frame
Tires 20” x 1.95”
Curb Weight 43lb
Kuo Folded Dimensions 12" x 25"x 33"
Assistance Pedal assist or Power on demand


Kuo+ FAQs

How fast and how far can the Kuo go?
The Kuo+ can reach speed of up to 15.5mph, however you are able to pedal faster. The Kuo will assist you up to 25 miles (the distance varies depending on the weight of the rider and riding conditions).

How do I set my own pace?
The Kuo is equipped with both throttle and pedal assist functionality. Feel like cruising—twist the throttle to set your pace; in the mood to work out—crank the pedals for a more dynamic experience. The throttle can also assist when you walk the bike in non-cycle areas.

How does the Kuo+ handle hills?
The Kuo+ is predominantly a bike for city commutes and places short on storage, however, this model does still handle hills incredibly well when the rider uses both the Kuo+ propulsion system and their own pedaling. The Kuo+'s portability also means it's perfect to fold up and stow away on holiday getaways, including caravan and boat trips.

How do I charge the Kuo+?
Recharging is as easy as charging a cell phone or laptop, simply plug into any standard outlet. Kuo+ uses Panasonic lithium ion batteries and recharges fully within six to seven hours.

How do I know if I'm running low on power?
A 'state-of-charge' battery icon on the display highlights the level of charge. The indicator works like a fuel gauge on your car and will let you know when you are running low and should re-charge.

What does my warranty cover?
The Kuo+ comes with a five year frame warranty, a two year warranty covering electronics and motor and a one year warranty on the battery.

Can I buy accessories for the Kuo+?
The Kuo+ has an optional carry bag available designed to pack away your folded bike for carrying on a train or storing out of the way. We have a range of accessories to meet your lifestyle needs available at your local A2B dealer. Visit the accessories page to view the range.



Kuo+ manual

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