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Specializing in the sales of electric bikes and folding bikes since 1996. Offering a wide range of brands and models and a dedicated service department. We are here to help you find the right bike for your needs and to support you with confidence and competence. Come in for free test rides and experience all that electric bikes and folding bikes can do for you!

Brompton open road...

In a world of remarkably engineered and superbly manufactured products Brompton stands out.


Walk out of the house, and you have no shortage of transportation options... Get ready to raise your expectations—your choices just got an upgrade. More....

A2B electric bikes

But simply starting an engineering revolution wasn’t enough. We wanted our collection to have its own, distinct identity, and not simply look like bicycles with batteries added. So our German design team created an entire range of ebikes that ride as beautifully as they look. More...

BESV Electric Bikes

Sleek. Stylish. Smart. The new BESV PS1 pedal-assisted electric bicycle is all of these things, and more. Extremely lightweight, the Panther is the perfect choice for urban riders, with our advanced proprietary Algorhythm power drive system ensuring the smoothest of rides, for daily commutes and fun rides around town. More....

Stromer Electric Bikes

Top of the line Swiss engineering... More....


Designed and developed in the light of our Swedish heritage. Featuring refreshing minimalistic looks balanced with maximum comfort and simplicity. More....

Walleräng Electric Bikes

Scandinavian Design and Japanese Technology... Our e-bikes combine clean design and with all the benefits of a durable e-bike system. Without or without suspension, standard or step thru frame.

Gocycle Electric Folding Bikes

No cables, no chains, no gears, sprockets, or oil—no mess. Gocycle can be taken anywhere. No compromises. More....

Batteries, Chargers, Spares & Accessories

A. Batteries in the complete case

Original manufacturers replacement Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) 'energy sets' (i.e. battery in the complete case). Warranted by the original bike manufacturer:

  • BionX 25.9V/9.6Ah, $595
  • BionX 37V/9.6Ah $825
  • BionX 48.1V/8.8Ah, $950
  • BionX RR 37V/6.4Ah, $675
  • BionX RR 37V/9.6Ah, $900
  • BionX RR 48.1V/8.8Ah, $1,050
  • Giant Twist 24V/9Ah, $495
  • iZip E3 Metro & Ultra 36V/10Ah, $595
  • iZip Lento & Vibe upgrade 24V/6.4Ah, $400
  • iZip Lento & Vibe upgrade 24V/9.6Ah, $550
  • iZip Rapido 24V/9Ah, $550
  • iZip Urbano folder 24V/5Ah, $345
  • iZip Zuma 36V/11.4Ah, $800

SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid):

  • iZip Lento & Vibe 24V/10Ah, $130

B. Battery cells only

NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) cells, price includes installation in customer's case:

  • Giant Lite 24V/8Ah (original 6.5Ah), $425

SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) cells in customer's case:

  • Giant LAfree Sport and Currie US Pro Drive. Takes two 12V/12Ah cells. Available from many battery vendors. Our price is $45 each.
  • iZip Lento & Trailz. Takes two 12V/10Ah cells. Available from many battery vendors. Our price is $40 each.

C. Chargers


  • Giant Twist 24V/2A, $175
  • iZip E3 Metro & Ultra 36V/4A $195
  • iZip Rapido, Urbano & Path 24V/2A, $195


  • Giant Lite & Panasonic folder 24V/1.9A, $155
  • Giant SuedeE and eZee 36V/2A, $95


  • iZip Lento, Vibe & US Pro Drive 24V/1.5Ah, $40

D. Spare parts

We carry a wide assortment of make/model specific spares for current electric and folding models as well 'generic' bicycle parts. Call or email us for price and availability.

E. Accessories

We offer a fair assortment of bicycle accessories. Contact us for price and availability.


We'll of course gladly spend the time and effort needed to assist the customer in selecting the correct parts and accessories. And if we have any reservations about your prospective purchase you have our promise that we'll speak up. In view of this we cannot accept the return of a product beyond what may be stipulated in the specific manufacturer's warranty.

Bike and Ebike Rentals

rental bikes rental bikes

Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest rents both regular and electric bikes.


  • Electric bikes: $25 per hour or $100 for 24 hours.
  • Regular bikes: $15 per hour or $60 for 24 hours.

Rents paid can be applied toward a purchase from Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest within two weeks. The rental includes the use of a helmet, lights, and a combination lock. A charger can be supplied also if you are planning to rent for an extended period.

Rentals cannot be taken out of the greater Seattle area except by prior arrangement with us.

At the time of rental we will need a photocopy of the renter's drivers license or valid ID and a credit card.

View rental agreement. Contact us for more information.

The Law and Electric Bicycles

Extracts from 46.04 RCW (Revised Code of Washington)

"Electric-assisted bicycle means a bicycle with two or three wheels, a saddle, fully operative pedals for human propulsion, and an electric motor. The electric-assisted bicycle's electric motor must have a power output of no more than one thousand Watts, be incapable of propelling the device at a speed of no more than twenty miles per hour on level ground, and incapable of further increasing the speed of the device when human power alone is used to propel the device beyond twenty miles per hour." (46.04.169 RCW)

"No driver's licence is required for operation of an electric-assisted bicycle."

"Persons under sixteen years of age may not operate an electric-assisted bicycle."

The provisions (RCW 46.16.010) relating to "a current and proper vehicle licence and display vehicle licence number plates.... shall not apply to (a) Electric-assisted bicycles."

"Persons operating electric-assisted bicycles shall comply with all laws and regulations related to the use of bicycle helmets."

"Operation of a moped or an electric-assisted bicycle on a fully controlled limited access highway or a sidewalk is unlawful."

"Electric-assisted bicycles may be operated on a multipurpose trail or bicycle lane, but local jurisdictions may restrict or otherwise limit the access of electric-assisted bicycles."

Federal Law

Federal law is similar to Washington state law, except it restricts power to 750 Watts.


The Cyclist's Electric Bike Shops Since 1996

We sell and service Human Power Augmented a.k.a. Electric bikes and ride them enthusiastically ourselves.

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